Iraj Bastami Persian Musician

Iraj Bastami

Iraj Bastami was a Persian classical musician and vocalist. Bastami died in the Bam earthquake. Every member of his family, from his paternal grandfather to his grandfather and father, had experience in singing and playing various instruments. The birth and growth of Iraj in such a family and his innate talent made him show interest in singing from the age of five. This interest and pursuit led his grandfather to recognize his talent for singing and to emphasize to others that “he will be a great singer in the future.” Therefore, Iraj’s father put his son on the path of learning music and singing, and thus, his father became his first singing teacher at home. During these years, Iraj learned vocal lines in the Tehran school in the style of Master Abdullah Khan Davami with his uncle Yadollah Bastami, and then, at the age of 22, he joined the Mohammad Reza Shajarian Students’ Jirga. As a teenager, Iraj Bastami was fascinated by his uncle Yadaleh Bastami, who was a kind man and one of Bam’s master musicians and music teacher. At the same time, a group was formed with the cooperation of Bastami brothers (Iraj, Abbas and Mohammad Ali) and Mohammad Javad Khodavardi (husband of Iraj sister) and Nadali Bani Asadi and led by Yadaleh Bastami, who had programs on radio and television at that time and in Ramsar camps. After that, Iraj, with the help of Hossein Salari (one of Kermani’s famous musicians), went to Mohammad Reza Shajarian’s singing class and studied singing and vocal lines. At that time, despite the problems of the road and the long distance, he came to Tehran once a week for the love of learning to sing from Bam.


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